Congratulations for Becoming Grandparents: Wishes for Grandpas and Grandmas

Having children and grandchildren are both very satisfying. The arrival of a grandchild makes seniors feel glad, as they know that this new person will gladden their lives and their children’s. All friends and family congratulate the newborn baby’s parents. Additionally to the parents’ happiness, grandparents are infinitely happy for the arrival of their grandchild. Here you will find ways to express your congratulations to grandparents for the arrival of their grandchild.

The baby’s grandparents will feel like they have had another child and will feel proud to feel that another part of them has come into the world. In this article we present you some messages and wishes to express your joy for the birth of a grandchild. Congratulate with these messages to someone who becoming grandmas or grandpas.Congratulations greetings card message for grandparents

Newborn Grandchild Congratulations for Becoming Grandparents 

I am very glad to know a new baby come at door steps. congratulation for being new grandparents.

You’re going to be a wonderful friend and grandmother to the newest addition to the family. Congratulations grandma and grandpa.

Life with grand kids will be disordered, however it will likewise be loaded with enchantment. Congratulations.

Congratulations on becoming a grandfather to a precious, lucky little newborn.

God is blessing you with the opportunity to do one of the most fun jobs in life: being a grandparent. We’re so happy for you.

On becoming grandparents… just think of yourselves as parents who have a lot of love to give and no responsibility to take.

A child is a handful, but a grandchild can be so calming and fun at the same time.
Pass along all of your great stories, wisdom, and values to that blessed baby.Sweet quote about becoming grandpa and grandma

To be an awesome grandfather, you must embrace the chaos along with the sweet moments.

Today is a beautiful and unforgettable day for you. The arrival of your grandchild will make the whole family commit in taking care of them and loving them.

You will love this child that comes into your lives infinitely. Let today be the start of a happy stage for you and your grandchild.

Congratulation on your grandchild’s birth. I know you always wanted to hold your child’s baby in your arms. So I wish the best for both of you and your family.

Congratulation grandparents! you have a new bundles of joy who I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy.

A garden of love grow in a grandmother’s wish you a very happy grandparents!

This is a new stage in your lives and I am sure you will do your best. I wish you joy on the arrival of your granddaughter.

You once were boyfriend and girlfriend, later husband and wife, then parents, and now you will be grandparents. Congratulations!

Congrats you are now grandparents. It calls for a feast. A grand feast for becoming grand parents.

You will relive the pride of being parents with your grandchild. Love them and take care of them as you would your own children.

Being a grandparent will make you complete. You’ll be completely smitten with love.

Grand-parenting will take your breath away, and not just because grandchildren can be difficult to catch.

Your kids were the seeds of life that you sowed. Your grandkids are the fruit your family tree has borne. Congratulations.

Your heart will be filled with joy when you first lay eyes on your grand-baby.

The beauty of having grandkids running around the house is that they make you feel younger even as you grow older. Congratulations.

There is a newborn in your life, you can appreciate every smile and giggle without stress. Best wishes for the rewarding future, you have ahead of you as a living grandpa.Best wishes for new grandparents granddad and grandmom

You did an amazing job raising your own kids, and I’m confident that you are going to be the best grandma ever.

Your kids have given you a job that is right up your alley – being adorable and loving grandparents. Congratulations.

You are in for a lifetime of glowing with pride and the best memories. Congratulations on becoming a grandparent to your first sweet, angelic baby.

Grandchildren are a blessing to grandparents just as grandparents are a blessing to grandchildren.

Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old.” –Mary H. Waldrip

You will love this child that comes into your lives infinitely. Let today be the start of a happy stage for you and your grandchild.

Welcome a new phase in life when your own kids will finally start taking your advice to bring up their own. Congratulations.

You were happy when you used to live with your children. The arrival of your grandchild will make your life even happier.

Your hearts will be joyful when your grandchild arrives. Your grandchild will give you strength to carry on.

May your new grandchild provide you with love, smiles, hugs, and much entertainment.

Every step and event in your life has been leading up to your most important role and calling, being a grandparent!

A cute grandchild like yours deserves the love of gentle grandparents like you. Congratulations.

May your grandkids turn out to be much better than your kids. Congratulations.

WOW! This is incredible news!! It is great to hear that your new baby has arrived safe and sound. Enjoy your new role of proud parents.

This is a beginning of something wonderful, your newborn will bring you memories to share. I hope everything goes well. If you need anything I’m always here for you.

Welcome to the world of changing nappies, wiping spills and singing lullabies – all over again. Have fun.

May your new little baby bring you a lifetime of happiness even at the toughest time.

Making you a grandparent was God’s way of telling you that you are worthy of being a guide and an angel for an innocent newborn. Congratulations.

Congratulations on the new baby, it’s always exciting to see who the baby looks like more and who traits they have inherited. Enjoy parenthood and create many memories.

I’m so happy for your newborn’s safe arrival, don’t forget to let me know if you need anything. Always happy to babysit so you can have a peaceful sleep or meal.

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