Get Well Soon Messages for Wife: Fast Recovery Text Saying for Her

An illness is only a consequence of stress that we suffer every day, either for having a hard time with someone, because of some issue at work or the lack of time to carry out all the activities that you plan for your daily life. We’re humans beings, our bodies are not made of iron and for that reason; we have to be careful about our health. Is your Wife sick? Do you want to cheer her up? Well, in this article you’ll find some Get well soon messages for your sick wife. Send these messages by facebook status, twitter or as SMS. These text messages are the medicines your wife needs to feel fine again. Do not hesitate to write a nice message to your partner every time she feel a little bit sick. Here we have a few messages you can use for this task.  Words have a great power. Show your affection through a message that shows your desire for the recovery of that person.

Get Well Soon Messages for Wife

Get Well Soon Messages for Wife

The flower of my life is withering without the sunshine of your face. Get well soon.

My love for you is stronger than any germ in this world. Get well soon baby.

My love, you’re the love of my life. When you’re not feeling well, I can’t handle it. Get well soon.

I am coming to meet you, so say goodbye to tablets, capsules and balms. You will be well as I make you feel better with my never ending charms. Get well soon.

Rest well my love so you can be up and about in no time. Get well soon. I love you.

The flower of my life is withering without the sunshine of your face. Get well soon.

I miss your kisses and hug., I hope I can always give you hundred times of those to make you feel better. You know how much I love you baby. Get well soon.

Here’s a million kisses from me so that you will get well really soon. Miss you much!Get Well Soon text Messages for Wife from Husband

Sweetheart, sickness can put you down for a few days, but it can’t take your beauty away from you. Get well soon, beautiful.

I wish I have some sort of magic so I can help you to get well. But I don’t. I’m praying for your good health.

I am jealous of your flu. That’s because it gets to spend all day with you. Get well soon.

The doctor says your surgery was a success. Now I am praying for your speedy recovery. Stay strong my love.

I hate to see you sick but I love to care for you and pamper you. I love you, darling. Get well soon.

I hope that I get to see again the best man in the world back in shape. I love you.

Today even my dog didn’t give me a lick. Maybe he sensed that I was sad because my best friend was sick. Get well soon buddy.

My love, the time you’re sick is not important, the only thing that matters is your health, be optimistic because it will help you to recover your health!

This is the toughest challenge we ever had. I pray to God that He gives you good health and you get well soon. Miss you darling.Romantic Get Well Soon Messages for Her

For once I can yell and officially tell you to get out – of the bed, that is! Get well soon my love.

Don’t forget to take your medicine regularly. You need to make strong and i’m being strong for you. Take rest and get well my love.

I’m so lucky because you are my wife. I’m praying for your sound health so you can enjoy the beautiful colors of life. Get back very soon.

We know this is just a challenge that we will overcome. Get well soon my one and only.

Get Well Soon Quotes for Her

Going anywhere without you is like going to watch a 3D movie without the glasses – no fun. Get well soon.

We may be apart for a few days due to your flu, but we’ll surely make it up. Smile and get well soon.

ou r medicines may be bitter, but you are still the sweetest one in my life. Get well soon honey.

You have done so much for me. And now that you’re ill, I will make sure to bring cheer to you. Feel better soon.

Before we fell in love, we became best friends. I cannot spend one more day without the best person in my life. Get well soon.

Just say goodbye to all your pills and capsules. I am here to cure you with my warm hugs, smiles. Lets see how fast you recover now.

If you’re scared, let me be the one to hear it. If you’re sad, call me, because I can’t see you cry.

I remember when I wasn’t feeling well, you came to rescue me. Now it’s my turn to be your knight in shining armor. Make way, people.

I cant spend even a single day now without talking to love of my life. So please get well soon darling!

Your parents miss having you at home. Your friends miss having you at college. But I miss having you around me everywhere I go. Get well soon darling.

I want you to close your eyes and think about the first time we kissed. I hope you feel better. Get well soon.

I know I’m not doing a great job at taking care of you. But I’ll try, and keep trying till you get all better.

If you would need my blood to recover your health, I will cut my veins in this moment, I will because I really love you!!

Medicines will cure your illness only but my love will heal your soul too. I love you so much. Get well soon please!

Get well soon sweetie! Hugs and kisses for you always.

I pray to god that may every inch of your body feels better now. I literally miss your face. Xoxo..

I hope my words can brighten your day. I wish my smile can weaken your pain.

I do love you and I know you’re very strong, you’ll see things are going to be all right, your disease will end soon

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