Happy 2nd Birthday Quotes: Birthday Messages for Two Year Old

Happy 2nd Birthday quotes: If your Second birthday wishes are written with sweet and lovely messages to reveal your affection for the toddler, the card might as well be preserved for the child to see when he/she knows how to read. Here are some of the cutest second birthday wishes that will make your card be saved for later reading. Your card may very well go on to be the keepsake that the proud mommy holds on to until her baby boy or baby girl grows up and finally leaves home for college. So whether you are writing something for your son, daughter, niece, nephew or your friend’s baby – make sure your words add tons of smiles and loads of cuteness to the celebration.

2nd Birthday Wishes  

Happy 2nd birthday to the cutest child! Let your life be surrounded by joy and happiness.

May you find all the world’s comfort and happy moments throughout your life. Have a wonderful birthday.

I love you baby, may you bring happiness to the family. Happy 2nd birthday.

My Princess, you are such a sweet girl. May you have a magical, wonderful birthday. May all your wishes come true!

Happy birthday baby, you are the more precious than any treasures in this world.

Happy 2nd birthday to the most joyful, mischievous kid that I know.

I pray you will grow up a kind and responsible person. Happy second birthday.

Happy birthday, my loving baby! Today all selfies are taken with the prettiest girl ever!2nd birthday greeting card quote

You are the most precious and beloved child. We wish you to have an amazing life! Happy Birthday baby!

Whether you turn two or twenty two, all you need to remember is that I Love You. Happy 2nd birthday.

I hope your life is full of fun and love, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to the baby who’s turning two today. May your future be better than ours. Love you, kid.

Congratulations for turning old enough to eat your birthday cake all by yourself. Happy birthday.

You may be a tiny little bundle of joy… but the happiness you spread around is king size. Happy 2nd birthday.

Happy 2nd birthday to the little girl who is destined to do big things in her life.

Two hands, Two legs! Two eyes, two ears! Happy Birthday to the cutest 2-year-old on Earth!

You are the cutest baby in town because you look adorable even when you frown. Happy birthday sweetie pie.

Happy birthday! Let’s sing for the 2-year-old. The second year of life. The next coming of a generation. Muah!

Wishing everyone’s favorite big, little kid the most amazing special day ever! Happy 2nd birthday!

May you achieve all your dreams and may your fortune be blessed. Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet baby.

May God give you happiness, health, wealth, good future and intelligent mind ahead in your life. Happy second birthday!

I am proud of you for not crying when that clown arrived. You are braver than I am. Happy birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Quotes

Never despise the potential of a two-year-old. Even though you are just a toddler and do not care about what is happening now, we swear to celebrate the flavor of your second birthday saying quotes with flair and pomp. Happy second birthday little angel. You are blessed to have such adoring parents as your dad and mom. Happy 2nd birthday quotes for loved one! If you are looking for something real and out of the ordinary for your little girl then you should know that the cliche and outdated birthday cards quote in your local stores will not work.

In the melody of your parents’ lives, you are the sweetest note. Happy 2nd birthday!

Congratulations, you have successfully harassed your parents for one more year. Happy 2nd birthday.

I can’t believe how tall you have grown already. You are growing up way too fast. Happy Birthday, my little one.

Nothing is more adorable than a smile and nothing is more wonderful than when it stays that way. Happy 2nd birthday, little one!

May you get all great things in life and I wish you a happy birthday.

You are a long-awaited child, a true miracle for your parents. Gladden them constantly and become a wonderful person. Happy 2nd birthday!

My world is an oyster and you… are its radiant pearl. Happy 2nd birthday.

Your little goofy ways make me smile and laugh. Happy 2nd birthday to the silliest one I know!

At two you have already become quite the charmer. Hope you have a charming 2nd birthday!

Have a happy birthday, little one! I am sure you and your little friends will have fun today. Hugs and kisses from all of us here in NYC!

You may have little footprints now, but I already know you will have big accomplishments someday. Happy 2nd birthday!

Wishing you a wonderful second birthday celebration today! I hope you will receive a lot of gifts and a lot of love from everyone around you. Happy birthday!

Congratulations for turning two. You are two years closer to becoming a tall and handsome man. Happy birthday.2nd birthday quote to baby girl cute card message

Congratulations on scoring your second goal in life. You have many more to go. Happy birthday.

You are so small in size and age, but you are such a big happiness. Happy 2nd birthday, sunshine!

You are just two, but you know how to steals the hearts of everyone. Happy second birthday.

Happy 2nd birthday to you! We love you like your parents do and hope you have many amazing presents, that you enjoy playing with.

Your life will be full of ups and downs, I wish you to meet all the challenges bravely and always be positive. Happy 2nd birthday!

Let your life be as beautiful as your birthday cake – bright, sweet and unusual. Happy second birthday!

Your life journey has just begun two years ago. Let it be fun and joyful. Happy birthday, our angel!

Happy birthday to the cuddly two year old hunk who is already winning everyone’s hearts with his cute charms.

Your smile is the most adorable thing in the entire universe. You are a wonderful child and I wish you to keep this way. My little one, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to one of the cutest little kids around. 2 years is nothing but a number. You are going to be great just watch.

Birthday Messages for Two Year Old Girl Or Boy

Your 2nd birthday greetings for son or daughter is an esteemed opportunity to look back at all the blessings and happiness that the child has brought into your life and express your gratitude in sincerity. Congrats your baby turning two year old.

Happy birthday, adorable child! You mean the world to us, only you made our family real and complete. We love you, happy second birthday!

You are the sweetest song in the tune of your adoring parents. Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet honey.

Congratulations on surviving your second year. It’s not all easy from here though. Things will get more complicated.

Today is the day of your birthday. Let these first memories will be the brightest and the sweetest for you. Have a happy 2nd birthday!2nd birthday wishes images

This is just the first of many “happy birthdays” for you. Have a deliciously fun 2nd birthday, little cutie!

Happy Birthday to you, my wonderful child, it’s hard to believe that you are two already, before we know it now, you’ll start chasing after ladies. ? Keep growing, my boy.

Today you are two year old, your parents look at you with love and pride, I wish you to be always the reason of their smile. Happy 2nd birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday to an amazing baby! I wish you to stay healthy and your parents I wish patience.

Your family is truly blessed because they have a little angel at home. Stay always kind and sweet. Happy birthday.

You are the sweetest boy ever, and you might not remember today, but we all will. Have a great 2nd birthday.

I thank God you are my nephew, and you will have a blessed day today. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

It doesn’t matter how old you will be, you’ll always remain our little princess. Happy 2nd birthday, little girl.

My son, you are turning two and it is such a special moment. You might not remember today, but we will.

Wishing you nothing but happiness on your big day today. You turn two, so have a great day.

Hey kiddo, we wish you a great day and hope you receive some great presents.

2nd Birthday Images

happy second birthday boy
happy second birthday boy
happy 2nd birthday baby girl turning two
happy 2nd birthday baby girl turning two
birthday wishes card for two year old baby boy or girl
birthday wishes card for two year old baby boy or girl

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