100+ Best Happy Birthday Niece Wishes, Quotes and Images

Birthday Wishes for Niece: A niece can be a beautiful extension to the family as you are able to love them as if they were your own. If you have the blessing of having a very beloved niece who is like a daughter to you, always remember to express the love you feel for her then choose here a best Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece. Finding the right words to express birthday wishes for niece on her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th B’day celebrations can be a difficult task, as for any aunt and uncle, they are always close to their heart.

You can choose the greetings that you like and dedicate it through a messages to her or write on a card that you will deliver to her with a gift. This event is so special that the family and friends of the birthday girl gather with her to celebrate and express their best wishes. Would you like to surprise her with a birthday very innovative greeting? Well you can send her a nice birthday message.birthday Wish card for niece from uncle

Happy Birthday Niece Quotes

  1. My Sweet niece. You are the best! I wish you much happiness and have a life full of joy and successes. Happy Birthday to you.
  2. Sending your hugs, kisses, and loads of love on your Happy Birthday. Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you.
  3. Happy Birthday my niece.You give us joy and you fill our hearts with so much pride. Love you so much!!
  4. Happy Birthday to my sweet Niece! Happy Birthday Niece! May all your Birthday wishes are comes true. I love you so much.
  5. Have an amazing birthday, full of all the things you enjoy most in life! Enjoy it my niece.
  6. I am truly grateful to God because He sent you to me. You are treasured and cherished and I wish all your good dreams will come true for you today and always.
  7. May this birthday be the one to remember always, for you and all the people who know and love you.
  8. No wonder your parents hate me, after all I do everything to spoil you fully. Happy birthday.Birthday messages for my niece from aunt
  9. I never thought that my sister would do great things in life… until she gave birth to an angel who I lovingly call my NIECE. Happy birthday.
  10. Happy birthday. Hope this birthday is the best you’ll ever celebrate.
  11. This is the beginning of your beautiful life. I will be here each step of the day niece. Enjoy this wonderful day niece.I love you. Happy Birthday to you.
  12. To me an emerald, a sapphire, a diamond or a ruby is not the most precious gem. It is only you, dear. Happy B’day to you.
  13. Happy birthday to my baby niece. You have the power to make my day with a simple boo-boo.
  14. May your special Birthday be as special as your special presence in your life. I would like to wish you great smiles and laughter on your Birthday. Happy Birthday.
  15. lovely Birthday message to write on a Birthday card for Niece. Your Birthday is a beginning of a new year that is full of hopes. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Niece Images

Birthday wishes for niece on her 1st 2nd 3rd 4th-birthday quote
Birthday wishes for niece on her 1st 2nd 3rd 4th-birthday quote
Happy birthday niece wishes
Happy birthday niece wishes
Happy birthday quote image for Niece
Happy birthday quote image for Niece
Cute and sweet birthday card message for my lovely niece
Cute and sweet birthday card message for my lovely niece

Happy Birthday Niece Wishes

  • You are such an important and valuable part of my life that deserves an expensive treat on her birthday. Wishing all the best to my lovely niece.
  • An aunt-niece duo like us can give any mother-daughter pair a run for their money. Happy birthday.
  • Playing the moderator’s role during your fights with your parents is very easy – all I have to do is take your side. Happy birthday.
  • Being an aunt is always joyous and it is nothing less than the joy of motherhood. It sounds crazy and wild. Wonderful B’day.
  • Our relationship is not about smiles, laughs and high fives. Having an awesome niece like you makes me wanna fly. Happy birthday.
  • You may be the best daughter of your mom, but trust me, you are the best friend of mine. You are the best niece not only in my life, but also in my imagination too. Happy birthday.
  • You have brought excitement into my life that I can hardly explain. God bless you dear niece. Happy birthday.
  • You are an incredible niece. I know that I may be scary sometimes but you should never be scared of your uncle. Happy Birthday little one.
  • I know I will never get old because I’ll relive my youth through the eyes of a wonderful niece like you. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my niece. Sending warm birthday wishes to a man that is so special to me. I love you my dear Niece!Birthday greeting wishes for Niece
  • Most people make best friends in high schools. I made mine with my niece when I became an aunt. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my niece. With warm wishes and hug, I pray that your birthday will be as great as you, my dear niece!
  • You are not just my Niece you are the caretaker of my heart’s largest piece. I love you so much. Many more happy returns of the day.
  • Dear Niece! You are such an important and valuable part of my life and that deserves an expensive treat on her Birthday. Wishing you a lovely Birthday!!
  • My dear niece, you are a lovely girl to be around.I wish that you can ride the surfboard of success and the waves of happiness touch your feet always. Have a lovely day!

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Niece

  1. Cool, awesome, fun and beautiful, you are my only relative who has all these qualities. Happy birthday to my pretty niece.
  2. Happy Birthday to my dear niece. I wish you all the happiness in the world in this day when you meet another year of life.
  3. My life gave me a perfect gift that I was always dreaming of, a niece like you. Take this wonderful cake and enjoy the day.
  4. May you live to experience decade after decade of happiness. Happy birthday Niece.
  5. My Facebook looks less like mine and more like yours, because it has fewer pictures of me than you. Happy birthday.
  6. Dear niece, may you only know wonder, health, prosperity and joy, starting with this birthday.
  7. I would like to wish that you can ride the surfboard of success and the waves of happiness touch your feet always. Have a great day!Birthday cake wishes for my lovely Niece
  8. You must feel very happy because you have wonderful parents who do everything possible to see you smile. My cute little niece. Have a lovely day.
  9. Dear , awesome niece. You are a wonderful niece and I love to be together sharing moments of joy. Remember that you can always count on me. Happy Birthday.
  10. I had never seen such a beautiful little baby as you are, not just saying this because you’re my niece but you a special gift for us. I wish you a wonderful birthday!
  11. I always thought that being called uncle would make me feel old, but now I know how that feeling is worth its weight in gold. Happy birthday.
  12. I wanted a beautiful niece and your parents wanted a beautiful daughter… you made both our wishes come true. Happy birthday.
  13. Never feel alone or down, because I’m always around if you are the perfect companion of you when you are alone or to hug you when you are down. Happy birthday.
  14. May you enjoy years upon years of happiness and health. Happy birthday.
  15. Happy birthday niece! Keep in mind that life is short so never be terrified to take risks! I love you!
  16. My cute niece. You are the most important asset in my life, I thank God for each and every moment I get to spend with you, so enjoy this day, I love you.
  17. You’re my favorite niece because you’re very smart and a bit naughty. I wish you have a happy birthday. Have a wonderful celebration.
  18. It is a joy to celebrate someone as wonderful as you and today is one such day we get to do so. Happy Birthday to you and may God pour His wonderful blessings on you.
  19. Today is the birthday of my special niece. You are going to grow into an intelligent and beautiful woman. Enjoy your special day.
  20. Niece, I want to wish you a wonderful birthday with all the stuffs you wanted to have in your life. We pray that God will send you abundant blessings to fulfill your life today and always. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages to Sweet Niece

  • As you celebrate your birthday, we’re working our magic to make sure your life is full of blessings. Happy birthday.
  • You and me, the niece-aunt duo are the perfect pair of daughter-mother. Wishing you a happy bday.
  • You matter so much to us, more than you know and more every day. Happy birthday.
  • Hey Niece, I feel so blessed to watch you grow! May this day bring you so much joy! I love you!
  • You may be very young but you are more mature than anyone of your age. your qualities are really amazing and crazing. Hope you are enjoying your day Have a special Birthday!Beautiful birthday Greeting message for my cute niece
  • Dear Niece! I hope your special day will be filled with so many special gifts with so many special people. Happy birthday to you!!
  • Lovely niece, you are a part of my world. A world I consider most pure, I love you to bits, happy birthday honey, enjoy this day.
  • My Lovely Niece… I wish you many congratulations on your birthday, remember that you will be very happy as long as you follow God’s commandments.
  • May you feel specially blessed today and may you have a birthday that is full of love and happiness that you truly deserve!
  • Happy birthday. May love, joy and wonder fill your life today and for all time.
  • I hope you become famous, wealthy and successful. Then I will become the lucky uncle of a famous niece. Happy birthday.
  • My memories with you are the most precious thing ever in my life. No matter how far you are, my best wishes will always remain with you. Best birthday.
  • My dear niece! May on your Birthday is filled with happiness, fun, joyful, love, good health, wealth and success. Have a special Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday dear niece. We love you and wish for you special blessings as you celebrate yet another year of your life. Happy Birthday.
  • I don’t care about being the best uncle in the world. All I care about is making sure that my love for my niece is the best of the best. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for My Favorite Niece

  1. Cool, awesome, fun and beautiful – you are my only relative who has all these qualities. Happy birthday to my pretty niece.
  2. I was a strong woman until you came into my life. Now I have a new weakness – YOU. Happy birthday.
  3. I have a pacemaker in my heart called NIECE – your cuteness has full control over my heartbeats. Happy birthday.
  4. You may be the best daughter of your mom, but trust me, you are the best friend of mine. Always keep smiling like this. Best B’day.
  5. Being a perfect uncle is really easy, when there are amazing nieces like you in the family.
  6. I’m so happy to find you as my family member. The world seems very peaceful when I look to your lovely face. Wonderful birthday.
  7. Wish you much happiness in your life and God bless you and protect you always, you have a successful life. Happy birthday niece.
  8. I have a pacemaker in my heart called NIECE – your cuteness has full control over my heartbeats. Happy birthday.
  9. On this wonderful day that is your birthday, may God be with you and show you His unprecedented favor in every area of your life. You are truly special. Happy Birthday.
  10. Dear Niece, You are a very special girl and we are blessed to be your aunts and uncles. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  11. Our relationship has made jealous so many people who are around us, even your mom is jealous too. Wishing you a happy B’day.
  12. My dearest niece… If you were a jewel, you’d be the most radiant and precious in the whole universe. Happy birthday.
  13. Niece, just seeing you today makes me so happy. Thank you for the joy that you bring to me!
  14. The most precious gem in the world is not a sapphire, emerald, ruby or a diamond. It is you, my niece. Happy birthday.
  15. Have a wonderful birthday, as wonderful as you are every day of the year.

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